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If you are looking for effective press release writing and submission services, you are at the right place. As the owner of the Secrets of Press Releases blog and winner of the PRWEB ‘spot the new features’ contest, you will find I am the perfect guy to help you craft and release your next online press release – for maximum exposure to your web site.

“I was hesitating about using press releases because I was not sure whether I would get good exposure to customers and sales leads. Was the money worth it? Looking back I am very glad I did this because it has built a good customer base and made my website very popular. It has built many back links and this helps in my website rankings.

Arun is very dedicated to his work. This shows in the quality of the work. Things are always done in a timely manner and he is always very fast at responding to my questions. I have recommended him to other people because I know they will get great results too! Similar results to what I have gotten.”

— Kirk Bachelder,

Here’s how you benefit by issuing online press releases:

  • Your product or service receives a nice bit of exposure and publicity.
  • There is an increased awareness about your company – press releases can improve your branding by a great extent.
  • If the news attracts the attention of some leading newspaper or magazine, you can get interview calls or calls for more details and they may feature your product or service in their publication.
  • The press releases are reproduced by several web sites looking for good content. This generates a large number of one-way incoming links to your web site, thereby improving your natural search rankings.

What do you need to provide us:

  • The basic write-up from which I will adapt the press release.
  • Some relevant photographs.
  • The keywords that you are targeting.
  • Web site URL (give specific page address for better results).
  • Names of key people who can be quoted in the release.
  • Testimonials from some customers with their name and city (please take their permission before using their name in the testimonials).
  • Preferred release date (you can also release on as soon as possible basis).
  • Details of the contact person who can be contacted for further details about the product by the press people (name, position, phone number)

Compensation schedule:

Please decide on one of these options – the later ones provide more exposure to your press releases and offer better value for money despite the higher investment:

Option 1 :: Basic

PRWEB contribution: $80

My fee: $80

Total: $160

Option 2 :: Bronze

PRWEB contribution: $140

My fee: $120

Total: $260

Option 3 :: Silver

PRWEB contribution: $200

My fee: $150

Total: $350

Option 4 :: Gold

PRWEB contribution: $360

My fee: $240

Total: $600

Option 5 :: BEST

PRWEB contribution: Highest of the day (for #1 position)
My fee: $300

Total: $600-$1500 as applicable

How to hire Arun Agrawal (yes, that’s me) for handling your next press release:

Write an email to arun @ ebizindia . com (remove spaces) with [PR] in the subject, giving your web site reference and the subject you want your release to cover. I will get back (usually within 1 business day) with details.

Please note that you have no obligation to order if you inquire about our service. Also, we will contact you about your proposal only – we do not spam anyone with endless and mindless offers about other stuff.

Get in touch before you get lost in the cyberspace. You owe it to yourself to tap into this great avenue of publicity of your website and product/service.

“I recently ran a press release campaign with the help of Arun and was extremely pleased with the results I saw! Given the many other priorities of our new Internet start-up company, it was sure a relief to leave our press release efforts in the hands of the experts.

Arun utilized some innovative strategies for leveraging our Press Release campaign and got us a top 10 listing on with a pretty low investment. I will continue to use Arun’s services for all my future Press Release needs!”

— Craig Cannings,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you charge different fee for different options? Your efforts in writing the news release are the same.

A. Not exactly. When you opt for the higher contribution level, several new options become available at PRweb. So we have to update the news release to be able to take advantage of those features. Also during submission, we have to make sure that your release is getting the benefit of those enhanced features. This requires extra time and effort.

Take for example the anchor text. For releases with contribution of $200 and above, PRweb allows you to have your favorite anchor text for the links. However for lower contributions, they just activate your links but do not allow a specific anchor text.

Q. What is the minimum number of releases I have to go for?

A. You can assign us as low as 1 news release. However to get good results, you should issue one press release every week for the first 2 weeks and then one every fortnight. This will help you stay in the news. The press releases will work to keep your brand and product fresh in the memory of your prospects so that they think about you when they are ready to purchase.

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