Want To Be Featured On PRWEB Podcast?

PRWEB is having Podcast month this February and has released a novel service. If you issue a release on its regular online press release service at a donation level of $200 or above, and indicate your interest to PRWEBpodcast.com, you may be featured on this podcast site at no extra cost. This can give you a nice extra exposure.

The site has podcasts in several formats —

  • The regular MP3
  • m4a compatible to itunes
  • OGG

If you have a budget for this donation amount or want to get a great exposure, you may consider this new service. If you are interested but not feeling confident about the procedure, I can handle your release rewrite based on raw information that you provide and submit your interest to PRWEBpodcast. I will charge $200 over whatever you want to donate to PRWEB. Contact me on +91-98310-27107 or write to arun @ ebizindia . com (remove spaces) with PRWEB in the subject.

Get Indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN – Easily, Quickly

What’s the biggest challenge you face when you launch a new site? Are you wondering how to get indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN? If some high profile sites link to your site, these search engines are sure to notice your URL and spider that. Easier said than done, no? How on earth are you going to convince a high profile to link to you? Read on…

One of several powerful ways to create a nice buzz about your site and get some high profile sites to link to your new site is to issue an online press release. Once your release is online at PRWEB.com, several web site owners will pick up this release and carry it on their site too. This will create many one-way incoming links to your site and you will also find your site in the search engine indexes within 1-2 days. Are you aware of all the nuances of issuing an online press release?

You have several alternatives —

1. Visit PRWEB.com, read the vast documentation and online guides and draft your release.

2. Buy Press Equalizer one time and use it for life to issue press releases for all your sites, new and old.

3. Invest in Press Release Fire and learn the tricks and tips for issuing effective online press releases so that you get more out of every release.

Not only will your press releases make the search engines aware ofyour site, it will generate several one-way incoming links which will come in very handy when you try to get good rankings.

PRWEB Secrets

PRWEB.com is possibly the most popular online press release site. Everyday hundreds of people post their releases on this site hoping to get huge bursts of traffic and one-way incoming links from PRWEB itself and thousands of journalists and sites that pick up these releases and reproduce them on their sites.

PRWEB is popularising a new brand called Online Visibility Engine (OVE) and has launched a site, PRWEBsecrets.com providing very intensive and rich information on getting the best out of your press releases. There are around 20 PDF documents each covering a specific aspect of managing your press release, making it more effective and getting the maximum output from it.

I am positive that this will generate much larger interest in PRweb and will cause the maximum donation on any single day to shoot much beyond the present high of around $900. You might know that while PRweb offers free press release distribution also, you have to contribute a self-decided sum of money in a bidding situation for getting a decent position. They order the releases by the contribution amount and activate many power services only if you have contributed above a certain amount.

Check out PRWEBsecrets here.

Use URL In The Press Release Body

When you submit a release through the online press release agencies like PRWEB, other web sites also pick up your release and display on their sites. However I have noticed that many of these sites strip off the credits and therefore you end up getting no link back to your site.

To take care of this, you should include your site URL in the body of the release also. See this example –
Arun Agrawal of RentABlogger (http://www.RentABlogger.com) has introduced a blog setup service …

When other sites will display this release on their sites, these http links will be automatically converted to links to your site, giving you a valuable incoming link.

Press Release Writing Service

Online press releases are the secret tool for online promotion and very few marketers are using this important medium to their full advantage. Each online press release can generate hundreds of incoming one-way links to your website, considered very vital by leading search engines like Google for the ranking of your site.

They also generate a burst of visitors to your site on the day of the release and the next few days. If done properly, an important media person may pick up your releases and if that happens, you can look forward to getting coverage in some offline magazines also.

Overall the online press releases provide very high value for money and must be explored by all serious marketers.

The online press releases need to follow certain format restrictions and all web site owners do not find enough time to study and master these.

To help such site owners, we have started this service wherein we reformat the information provided by the site owners and create and distribute the press releases online for benefiting their sites.

The site owner should provide us the information to be published in written format as a Word or text document. We then reformat this and put it in the press release format and submit to the leading online press release site, PRWEB.com

We provide the access stats after 1 day and 7 days of the news going live for the owner’s records and reference. We also provide the URL of the online release.

For clients ordering regular releases (minimum 5), we can create their individual account on PRWEB so that they can track the stats themselves.

We charge a nominal $80 per press release issued through PRWEB.com including the donation amount of $30 required by the agency.

Interested? Get in touch with me at arun AT ebizindia DOT com with PRWEB in the subject line, tell me about your requirements and we can get started right away.

Press Equalizer Software

Press release writing and distribution was a dreaded activity for the average web site owners and they either avoided it altogether or assigned this to experts who would charge a nice fee for this. Not any more…

Jeff Alderson has launched Press Equalizer software, for easy writing and distribution of online press releases. This takes away the mystery out of creating effective press releases with an easy to use interface, a simple form where you can provide all the relevant information and sample press releases that you can adapt to your own requirement.

SEO pros use online press releases regularly. In addition to getting nice bursts of traffic lasting a few days, these result in several one way incoming links which are very useful for search engine ranking. If your web site is new, you can look forward to getting it spidered and indexed very quickly, sometimes even faster than the blog and ping technique.

You can get an introductory discount if you act fast – check out the software here – Press Equalizer.

Press Release Tips – Some Novel ideas


I was going through my favorite board today and was instantly hooked to this discussion about editing press releases for maximum impact and coverage.

You will see a typical ego-serving press release that most companies tend to issue and an effective edit that chops down all the irrelevant parts and brings out the meat of the release.

There is an excellent tip on splitting the release into 2 parts – one for the editors who prefer concise and direct-to-point press releases and another one for getting high search engine rankings.

Compulsory reading if you are not a press release pro but want to utilise the press releases for getting publicity and search engine traffic.

This powerful press release tip is here.

PRWEB – The Best Press Release Site?

I strongly recommend PRWEB.com as the best press release site that I have come across. They even allow free press release distribution.

Press Release Option 1
However you should choose the $30 donation option if you are low on budget and want a moderate distribution of your release. This enables several extra facilities for every release.

Case study
This press release for a wholesale sunglasses dealer was released at $30 donation level and got 24,647 views within 3 days of its release on PRWEB.

Press Release Option 2
If you are comfortable with a little extra investment and want a much better syndication of your release, go for $80 option. This puts your well crafted releases on Google News as well as Yahoo News. You also get advice on improving your release for a wider acceptance.

Case study
This press release for an online furniture company got 56,485 views within 3 days of its release and was featured on both Google and Yahoo news.

Press Release Option 3
You should shoot for the top spot or something close for the highest results for your release. On most of the days, you will need to invest around $300-$400 for the top spot.

Case study
This press release for an auto dealer was published at $210 donation level sometime back and got an astounding 122,341 views in 3 days. How’s that for bang-for-the-buck?

Further action steps
If you are very serious about getting the widest coverage for your product announcement, get this guide for press release syndication with PRWEB and cut short the release cycle by a big margin, so that you can spend more time on the business that you will get as a result.

Press Release Fire

Do you need to get top rankings, massive publicity and uncontrollable traffic to your site?

If you answered “Yes, I do”, then you need to learn the secrets of efficient press release creation and distribution, employ the simple process for yourself and enjoy your success!

You will get all these secrets with Press Release Fire.

It’s a simple guide on the concepts of the press releases which will help you write your press release for maximum acceptability and impact, give you some excellent tips on wide press release distribution, sample press releases with a press release template and tips to decide as to when you should go for a free press release.

Grab your copy of Press Release Fire now.