Free Press Release Submission Sites

When you are just starting out or on a low budget, you might consider issuing some free press releases. There are several sites that accept free press releases. Check these out —

1. PRWEB accepts free submission but it really shines when you can donate some money ($10 for starters, $40 for a decent release). Well worth the money!

2. I-newswire offers free submision (they show Adsense ads on the page) as well as paid submission ($25 fee, allow to display your logo, remove ads).

3. Press Release Monkey had a nice system of press release submission that they will approve and make live. Almost all decent press releases were approved. however someone hacked their site and destroyed all the files. They might have come back by the time you read this and also started a paid submission service. Check out!

4. Pressbox UK – accepts submissions from UK mainly but I have successfully submitted some US based releases also. Accepts only good quality releases.

5. Free Press – I don’t like the interface; it’s very busy and clumsy. They have a FREE and a premier option. Very cheap. try this.

6. Press Release Spider – Easy submission.

7. OpenPR is decent. Use it because it is FREE.

8. Express Press release is also simple to use. Go for it.

There are several sites that accept free submissions. I have given details of some that I personally use and find decent. If you have any that you highly recommend, let me know and I will happily include those also.

Press Release Sample: Former Eurovision Winner To Front New Safestyle TV Campaign

Safestyle UK came out with a nice press release on PRWEB recently. This got very good exposure and results because they had included some key elements in the release. You should so well to study this release and implement these elements in your releases also.

1. This release relates to a celebrity, Cheryl Baker endorsing Safestyle products. The release talks abour Cheryl mainly and only slips in the Safestyle brand and its products at a few places. People do not want to read your sales letter, they want to know more about what the celebrity is doing.

2. There are some nice photos of Cheryl thrown in. This adds to the visual appeal and makes the news prominent. Again Safestyle and the products slip in casually.

3. You must always include quotes from your company bosses and outside people like customers. This adds personality to the news and allows you to include a bit of sales pitch also by way of asserting your key advantages.

4. Include contact information so that the interested newspeople may contact you for more details if they want to cover the story in their publications.

5. Include some links to your website (if possible with keyword rich link text) so that the news people can gather more details and the customers can check out your products.

PRWEB Customer Evangelist Program – Tapping Affiliates to Create More Buzz

In an interesting move, PRWEB is recruiting selected customers and users to its customer evangelist program to spread the buzz about this popular online press release company.

While PRWEB has a large number of journalists and media people subscribed to its announcement list, it boasts of being the first direct-to-consumer site by reaching the consumers through Google news, Yahoo news and several such avenues. These new affiliates will be expected to spread the word about the several other leading edge services already launched and in the pipeline. Naturally they will share a part of the proceeds with these evangelists.

Contact Mick Jolly at PRWEB to pre-register – call him at 360-312-0892 ext 222.

More PRWEB Changes – Cool User Friendliness


I noticed 2 new features in PRWEB and really want to congratulate their technical team for this.

1. They have introduced a magnifying glass icon near the press release link on the home page as well as for the trackbacks on the release.

If you click on this icon, a window squeezes in and loads the full release in it without any page reload (I assume they are using AJAX technology to implement this). This really makes it very easy to check out the various releases in the home page or any other page, without going back and forth.

This is the first Web 2.0 feature I have located – I am sure many more are there waiting to be discovered. I will be sure to report those when I come across them.

2. They have also introduced a new press release archive section at Newspad. This archives all PRWEB press releases with contribution of $10 and above and lists the releases in reverse date order when you search for a keyword. The results page has an RSS feed associated with it and you can use this feed to display these results in any RSS feed reader. This site also uses the release preview feature which displays the release in a window just under the link in Ajax mode.

Meanwhile my participation in the PRWEB contest is going fine as the PRWEB team has already acknowledged that I have located 7 new features. I believe these 2 features will make that 9.

Press Release Sample – Offshore Outsourcing

I helped a friend, Abhishek in issuing his online press release about dedicated hiring model of offshore outsourcing and suggest you to read this to get inspiration for your next release. A few things that you should notice are —

1. The release covers the issue from the customer’s view point and not from the service company’s view-point. There is little sales talk and self-promotion except in the credits.

2. The release talks about an emerging trend in the outsourcing industry and is therefore interesting to a lot of people.

3. It uses relevant anchor text to get nice inbound links to the target page (not available to all press releases – only releases with $200 or more donation to PRWEB qualify).

4. It sends the reader to a specific landing page that talks about the main issue being discussed (dedicated hiring model) and not to the home page of the company.

5. it liberally uses quotes. PRWEB is now offering automatically activated lift-quotes for increased impact, for releases having $120 donation amount.

6. Includes a nice, on-topic image for better impact.

I am sure your press releases will get good acceptance if you keep these few things in mind when writing your next press release for online distribution.

PRWEB Introduces New Features And Rewards Those Who Identify Them

PRWEB, the innovative online press release company has introduced several new features recently but rather than just announce them, has taken the unique approach of asking the users to identify these new features and is offering a $1,000 reward to those who do the best job.

Shall I be left behind, specially when I have been using PRWEB to announce most of my new ventures and client sites?

These are the features I have already identified–

1. You can now have keyword enhanced URLs. Earlier a typical URL for your press release looked like

Now the same URL can be made to look like Did you notice the keywords ‘case’ and ‘studies’ in there? You can enter upto 2 keywords that will become a part of the URL so that you can have better search engine position for this release resulting in higher traffic to the news release.

2. Now they ask you to specify the target industries and the RSS group (also the keywords for the URLs discussed above) as part of the submission wizard after you have made the contribution. Earlier you had to specify these by selecting the appropriate option from the menu.

3. You can have breakaway quotes that appear quite prominently in the news release and really draw the attention of the reader to your important quote. I am yet to figure out how to use this feature 🙂

4. View news lets you see the images attached to the various news releases, in thumbnail format on a single page. You can then hover your mouse on any image to see a larger image, the title and the summary of the news. If you like to see more, click on the image and you will land on the release page. This feature is mainly useful for the viewer.

PRWEB offers a similar service called PRWEBPhotowire where you have to specifically submit high resolution images but you need to do nothing to get on the view news page.

5. Ebook Digests option lets you download the press releases for a particular industry/category for the day, in PDF format for you to view them offline.

6. You can now have a live link in the press release summary also. Earlier the URLs in the press release body were turned into live links if you contributed at least $30. Now it is possible to have a URL in the summary also turning into a live link.

7. The news releases which have been trackbacked now display a red back-arrow sign besides them (in the home page and other news lists). You can click on this to see the trackback entries for this release. I am not sure if this is a new feature released after June 10th but is a useful feature nevertheless.

8. There is mention of Web 2.0 features at several places but I have not been able to identify any such feature yet. Once I notice something, I will update this post.

9. I saw provision to add the RSS feeds of the various categories to Typepad, Google, Yahoo and MSN but I am not sure if these are new features introduced recently. I have not used these feeds.

I will be reporting the other features soon enough 🙂 Until then, have fun issuing your online press releases on PRWEB.

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Spanish Press Release Can Get You Good Exposure

Hola (that’s Spanish for Hello)

I recently conducted an interesting experiment. I took one of my English press releases, got it translated in Spanish (Espanol if you prefer) and issued this on by changing the language to Spanish. This press release was issued at $40 donation level, still it got carried on their Spanish press release site, at the 1st position. On the same day, you needed to donate $501 for the 1st position on

How’s that for value for money? Of course, the PRWEB one gets picked up much more but I am positive that we will have a decent exposure for this press release also. Don’t forget that AmbosMedios has a Google PageRank of 7 on the home page and I look forward to getting a good PR for the archive page of this release.

Next I am going to publish a press release on the French site of

If you are feeling adventerous, you may try the same experiment and see the benefits for yourself. Best wishes!

Press Release Monkey – FREE Press Release Submission

Press Release Monkey is allowing you to submit your press release for publishing on their site for FREE on their PR7 site.

You might be wondering why are they doing this? I believe they are trying to grow the site to several thousand pages. They are showing Adsense ads on each page and will earn a hefty income from the user generated high quality content. Cool idea!

Why don’t you get in while the sun is shining? I submitted releases for my newly setup sites –

Go here-
Press Release Monkey for FREE Press release submission

Submit Your Blog Feed To RSSPad, the online press release company has launched, a directory of RSS feeds. While this may look like any other directory, with PRWEB’s backing, I feel that this will mature into an important resource.

If you have a blog or a RSS feed, you must submit it to this directory. If you don’t have a feed ready, you can even create a feed there. The site requires you to login. You can login with your PRWEB account details or register for FREE.

If you have created a client or group in your PRWEB account, you already have a RSS feed for all releases under that category. You can even submit this feed to RSSpad for some extra exposure to your press releases.

Haven’t issued an online press release ever? An online press release gives you excellent branding benefits and one-way incoming links. Take advantage of this cheap press release service to get started.