Press Release Sample: Software Launch

You can get some cool benefits by announcing your software launch with a press release. I did so for the recent launch of Impact Web Audio by Gary Ambrose.

This helped me get in the Google News within about 10 minutes of the release going live. Same for Yahoo news. Within a few hours, Google spider, the Googlebot was there on my site reading my web pages and preparing for indexing them. Ditto for the MSN bot and the Ask spider.

The nominal contribution that you make to the release agency gives a nice Return on Investment. Check out the press release here – specially notice how I put a quote by Gary to improve the quality of the release.

Next: I am going to release this on the other PR sites so that I can get even more exposure.

PRWEB Acquired By Vocus

Hocus-focus-abracadabra – All your bases are belong to us 😉

PRWEB has been acquired by Vocus, which has a great reputation as the leading provider of public relations software-as-a-service and an integrated, all-digital PR solution. David McInnis reported that this will enable PRWEB to offer much better service and wider exposoure to its clients. I look forward to getting more exposure to my releases issued through PRWEB (er, Vocus).

Persuasion Architecture In A Press Release?

Persuasion is an important component of every communication. What happens when you build in strong persuasion architecture in your press releases? Your press releases will become turbo-charged, for sure.

PRWEB, the always-innovating online visibility company has tied up with Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and John Quarto-vonTivadar, authors of Waiting For You Cat To Bark, to work on Persuation Architecture in Press Releases (PAPR). The introduction of these tools and techniques will definitely make your press releases more powerful and persuasive, better geared to add to your bottomline.

Stay tuned!

Did Your Press Release Get More Backlinks For You?

I have mentioned earlier that issuing online press releases can get you many more one-way incoming links that will improve your search engine rankings too.

We just released a smart way to check your backlinks on several popular search engines at once. Visit to get a consolidated report of your backlinks, number of pages indexed and even the Google Pagerank.

There is an option to request that this report be automatically sent to you every week. Go try it – you will save a lot of research time.

Press Release Or Sales Letter?

“Shall I write a fact-rich, impersonal, third party press release or squeeze in some ‘hold them by the jaw’ emotional copy?” is the question I have always pondered over. While the traditional press releases you send to the editors have to be the first type, your releases written for the online press release sites like PRWEB can definitely include some hard-core sales message that appeal to the emotions and stoke the reader’s urge to check out your product or service.

These sites are much more forgiving (read encouraging) about the content and while hype should really be avoided, they do not mind if the copy appeals to the heart more than the brain. This was evident from the post by Mark Alan Effinger on the PRWEB blog.

Has PRWEB Gone Nuts?

PRWEB, the online visibility company which brought ‘direct-to-consumer’ news releases to mainstream has released some stats in support of the concept that issuing online press releases can deliver your news to a large number of eager bloggers who will spread your news like wildfire if they happen to find it of value.

Well I agree. I have noticed readership of my recent news releases has crossed 200,000 several times – for a contribution of a meagre $100. In addition, I have picked up several one-way incoming links from the sites who have reproduced these news. Cool bang for the buck, I say!

Press Release To Keep The Buzz On

When you are having a major product launch and want to keep the buzz on, you should keep issuing press releases at regular intervals. You can discuss different aspects of your product, how it affects a particular group of users and like.

Here are 2 examples of follow up press releases –

1. This press release discusses new features of WordSiteBuilder, a word cloud site building software. We issued a release announcing the software and then followed it up to talk about the new features.

2. This superb book on persuation achitecture was announced here and follow up press releases here, here and here, are covering various angles that the book covers.

PRWEB Adopts Tagging And Technorati

Recently PRWEB has been moving so fast that I am afraid, I will have to change the title of this blog to Secrets of PRWEB soon 😉 They have adopted the tagging phenomenon completely integrating Technorati tags and including a complete tagging system of their own.

I have telling my close friends and clients that year 2006 belongs to press releases, social bookmarking (tagging) and blogs (and of course rich media and web2.0 based rich internet applications). Now that PRWEB has introduced a marriage of press releases and tagging, my assumption has been validated.

Here is my strategy for getting a nice push in your traffic levels–

1. Issue an online press release at PRWEB and specify relevant Technorati tags.

2. Refer to this release on your blog and trackback to the release.

3. If you have announced a new technology or a major development in your field, submit the story to the major social bookmarking sites like delicious, digg, reddit and furl.

PRWEB New Features – The Last One Of The Recent Introductions

Ok – I think I have found one more feature that was recently introduced and let me tell you, this is a really useful one. The Inbox feature in the PRWEB management console enables the PRWEB team to communicate important information and tips about your press releases and account to you.

They could have sent a very vital news to you about your usage of their system. So don’t forget to look in the left column for the Inbox, every time you login. I just received a mail from them that has made a big impact on me 😉

A suggestion to the PRWEB team – I have no way of getting back on the points raised in your email. Please introduce a reply feature also.