Press Release Samples: New Web Site Launch

When you launch a new web site or relaunch your web site, consider issuing a press release highlighting the special features that your web site offers. This way, you can expect to drive a bunch of qualified visitors your way as well as get some quality links for quicker indexing.

I recently issued 2 press releases, one for the new launch of, an outsourcing portal focussed on Internet marketing outsourcing and another one for the relaunch of the web site of Safestyle Uk, a leading replacement windows and doors company in Britain. Study these releases – you can pick up some good hints in there.

Where To Submit Your Press Releases? Here’s A Good One!

While I advocate using as the best place to issue your press releases, you should also consider I have used their $10 offer for a few of my clients as additional avenue and got good results.
I strongly feel that creating a profile at and then issuing your releases through them can be quite cost effective.

Free Press Release Submission – New Site Launched

A new site accepting free press release submission has been launched and you can submit your press releases here for added exposure.

They accept some html enhancements and also convert the links in the release to live links. I feel that they are trying to build buzz about their service and will introduce some monetization soon. Take advantage of the site while the deal is still free.

We have listed some other sites accepting free press release here – take advantage of those sites also.

Jason James Launches Membership Riches Site – Announces With A Press Release

Jason James today launched his membership riches site and announced this with a press release here. In an interesting twist, he announced his affiliate program with another press release back to back.

This will definitely attract lots of affiliates willing to promote his program, thereby increasing his sales multi-fold. He will be able to tap into the subscriber lists of all these affiliate marketers who will love to promote his stuff, in view of the attractive affiliate commission and contest prizes.

Finding that Jason has missed out on another strong launch ammunition, the launch blog, I set up one at Membership Riches Blog and plan to tap into this avenue – let’s see how it goes.

Entertainment and Music Promotion Press Release Service

Billboard Publicitywire has launched its press release service platform, dedicated for entertainment and music promotion. If you are releasing new music or want to create buzz for your next movie, this can be a great platform.

Since they are using the PRWEB platform and tools, you can look forward to a nice exposure and wide distribution for your news. As of now, Billboard Publicity Wire offers three levels of service ranging from $80 to $200 per release. The $200 option includes production and distribution of a three-minute podcast. Payment is by credit card and there are no membership fees, setup charges or hidden costs.

See the full press release here.

PRWEB To Discontinue FREE Press Releases

An era comes to an end – PRWEB is set to discontinue the free press releases which they pioneered since 1997, from October 23rd 2006. They claim that the free press releases create tremendous workload on their editors and the distribution channel and that they would rather focus on getting maximum visibility for their paid clients. (Source: email to PRWEB members through the management console.)

FREE press releases have allowed several people to create additional exposure for their products and services, though it has been highly misued by spammers to place blatant ads too.

They are also making news submission process more streamlined and creating a special page for $80 releases to make it easy for non-geeks to submit the press releases for online distribution a relatively easier task.

Frankly I have been in the favor of having non-zero submission fee so that the agency can provide maximum exposure to the fewer people wanting to use their professional services but I am sure, a large number of people will be hit with this change. I welcome your comment on this change.

Billboard Launching SEO Press release Service With Vocus (PRWEB)

Billboard, a reputed source of music, video and digital entertainment news, charts, reviews and analysis has teamed up with Vocus to  create a new press release portal at

“Billboard Publicity Wire was created to give everyone in the entertainment business a highly effective yet affordable way to generate publicity and online visibility,” said John Kilcullen, President and Publisher of Billboard Information Group.

Press releases will be indexed by major search engines and published on myriad news and entertainment sites including Yahoo! News,, eMediaWire and PRWeb. They will also be delivered through more than 20,000 PRWeb RSS feeds that collectively reach millions of consumers and thousands of journalists daily. The service will also produce and distribute podcasts that can be attached to press releases with photos and electronic media kits.

See the full press release here.

Larry Chase Offers Tips On Getting Traffic With Press Releases

Larry Chase of Web Digest for Marketers has released 10 tips on getting more traffic through press releases. Guess what – he has issued an online press release announcing this.

Larry is a reputed marketer and knows his stuff. I really liked his idea of putting out only 3 tips in the release and asking the readers to visit his site for more tips. That is a great trick to get visitors to your web site. You can give a few (but not all) tips in a press release or an article and invite the reader to get more of these on your site.

Announce Your Contest Through The Press And Use A Leads Page

A great way to get lots of traffic and build a nice list is to run a contest on your site with an attractive prize. Make it easy to participate and make the prize relevant to the needs of the prospects. See this interesting case study here:

Safestyle UK is running a contest for fans and followers of Leeds United Football Club. They are inviting all the people who own their home to participate in the contest for a  £5,000 Window and Door Make Over. The intending participants don’t have to write any slogans to do any crazy things. Just fill up a form and participate.

They have announced it on their blog, in the press and on the Leeds United  site, thereby ensuring maximum publicity.

You should be able to pick up some great ideas from this to run your next lead generation campaign. And don’t forget to announce this through a press release. 🙂

Interview With Chris Anderson: What The Long Tail Means For Small Business

“The long tail” attracts highly motivated and seriously interested prospects to your site and you might concentrate on this form of marketing, specially if you do not have the means to fight for the ‘most popular’ terms.

The new book by Chris Anderson dwells on the “long tail marketing” and its rewards – considered to be ‘the topic’ for 2006. Ken Evoy, president of Sitesell brings out interesting aspects of this well-known but less used form of dominating several small islands in this interview. You must not miss this and leave dollars on the table!

I have noticed most of the press releases focus on promoting the central theme of a web site and the home page URL – however a press release that focusses on a smaller aspect of the central theme and links to the specific page can really get ranked very quickly and drive a small but motivated bunch of prospects to the site.

The long tail marketing interview is here.