Persuasion Architecture In A Press Release?

Persuasion is an important component of every communication. What happens when you build in strong persuasion architecture in your press releases? Your press releases will become turbo-charged, for sure. PRWEB, the always-innovating online visibility company has tied up with Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and John Quarto-vonTivadar, authors of Waiting For You Cat To Bark, to […]

Has PRWEB Gone Nuts?

PRWEB, the online visibility company which brought ‘direct-to-consumer’ news releases to mainstream has released some stats in support of the concept that issuing online press releases can deliver your news to a large number of eager bloggers who will spread your news like wildfire if they happen to find it of value. Well I agree. […]

PRWEB New Features – The Last One Of The Recent Introductions

Ok – I think I have found one more feature that was recently introduced and let me tell you, this is a really useful one. The Inbox feature in the PRWEB management console enables the PRWEB team to communicate important information and tips about your press releases and account to you. They could have sent […]

Press Release Sample: Former Eurovision Winner To Front New Safestyle TV Campaign

Safestyle UK came out with a nice press release on PRWEB recently. This got very good exposure and results because they had included some key elements in the release. You should so well to study this release and implement these elements in your releases also. 1. This release relates to a celebrity, Cheryl Baker endorsing […]

PRWEB Customer Evangelist Program – Tapping Affiliates to Create More Buzz

In an interesting move, PRWEB is recruiting selected customers and users to its customer evangelist program to spread the buzz about this popular online press release company. While PRWEB has a large number of journalists and media people subscribed to its announcement list, it boasts of being the first direct-to-consumer site by reaching the consumers […]

PRWEB Introduces New Features And Rewards Those Who Identify Them

PRWEB, the innovative online press release company has introduced several new features recently but rather than just announce them, has taken the unique approach of asking the users to identify these new features and is offering a $1,000 reward to those who do the best job. Shall I be left behind, specially when I have […]