Has PRWEB Gone Nuts?

PRWEB, the online visibility company which brought ‘direct-to-consumer’ news releases to mainstream has released some stats in support of the concept that issuing online press releases can deliver your news to a large number of eager bloggers who will spread your news like wildfire if they happen to find it of value. Well I agree. […]

PRWEB Introduces New Features And Rewards Those Who Identify Them

PRWEB, the innovative online press release company has introduced several new features recently but rather than just announce them, has taken the unique approach of asking the users to identify these new features and is offering a $1,000 reward to those who do the best job. Shall I be left behind, specially when I have […]

Spanish Press Release Can Get You Good Exposure

Hola (that’s Spanish for Hello) I recently conducted an interesting experiment. I took one of my English press releases, got it translated in Spanish (Espanol if you prefer) and issued this on PRWEB.com by changing the language to Spanish. This press release was issued at $40 donation level, still it got carried on their Spanish […]