Jason James Launches Membership Riches Site – Announces With A Press Release

Jason James today launched his membership riches site and announced this with a press release here. In an interesting twist, he announced his affiliate program with another press release back to back. This will definitely attract lots of affiliates willing to promote his program, thereby increasing his sales multi-fold. He will be able to tap […]

PRWEB To Discontinue FREE Press Releases

An era comes to an end – PRWEB is set to discontinue the free press releases which they pioneered since 1997, from October 23rd 2006. They claim that the free press releases create tremendous workload on their editors and the distribution channel and that they would rather focus on getting maximum visibility for their paid […]

Interview With Chris Anderson: What The Long Tail Means For Small Business

“The long tail” attracts highly motivated and seriously interested prospects to your site and you might concentrate on this form of marketing, specially if you do not have the means to fight for the ‘most popular’ terms. The new book by Chris Anderson dwells on the “long tail marketing” and its rewards – considered to […]

Persuasion Architecture In A Press Release?

Persuasion is an important component of every communication. What happens when you build in strong persuasion architecture in your press releases? Your press releases will become turbo-charged, for sure. PRWEB, the always-innovating online visibility company has tied up with Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg and John Quarto-vonTivadar, authors of Waiting For You Cat To Bark, to […]

Did Your Press Release Get More Backlinks For You?

I have mentioned earlier that issuing online press releases can get you many more one-way incoming links that will improve your search engine rankings too. We just released a smart way to check your backlinks on several popular search engines at once. Visit www.IMscripts.com/prlinks/ to get a consolidated report of your backlinks, number of pages […]