Who Uses Online Press Releases?

I am asked these questions quite frequently: Who uses online press releases? Shall I post an online news release? Does it justify the cost? An online press release is an announcement of some event happening, some award you got or practically new new development. This wholesale sunglasses dealer and 321ski use press releases to announce […]

PRWEB simplifies press release submission process

PRWEB recently launched several changes to the press release submission process to make it easier for the novice as well as the power users to submit their release for distribution. Earlier we needed to have the final draft of the press release and all attachments ready before we could submit the release. The submission screen […]

PRWEB Introduces Blogging Tool For Press Releases

PRWEB recently introduced a new facility, called BlogThis facilitating users to blog about the press releases issued through it. This will increase the social media exposure of the releases by encouraging people to blog about the releases they are interested in. However the implementation is quite simple and you need to know a few things […]

Vocus Adds Direct To Media Distribution

Vocus, owners of the leading direct to consumer press release distribution service (PRWEB) has added direct to media distribution by signing up a deal with The Associated Press, to distribute press releases directly to leading media outlets within the AP network via the AP Datafeatures service. PRWEb lets you publish online press releases for added […]