Who Uses Online Press Releases?

I am asked these questions quite frequently:

  • Who uses online press releases?
  • Shall I post an online news release?
  • Does it justify the cost?

An online press release is an announcement of some event happening, some award you got or practically new new development. This wholesale sunglasses dealer and 321ski use press releases to announce their new online stores. Safestyle UK announced the winner of their lucky draw here. You may have been awarded some certification or received an approval and a news release can tell this to the world. May be you have launched a new product? May be you are attending an exhibition? There are no limits on the topics you can issue press releases for.

While the news releases used to be targeted to the press earlier, the trend nowadays is to address the general public directly. When the search engines like Google News pick up your release, you can get a wide exposure. Who knows you may catch the fancy of some reporters and get covered in their publications. In any case, several blog and site owners reproduce releases concerning their subject and working field, thereby resulting in a one-way incoming link to your site.

While sites like PRWEB charge you a decent sum (worth the investment though), you can also issue a press release for cheap or zero price at several sites. However the response rate for the FREE press release sites is much lower and you may be happy concentrating fully on 1-2 paid sites only.