PRWEB simplifies press release submission process

PRWEB recently launched several changes to the press release submission process to make it easier for the novice as well as the power users to submit their release for distribution.

Earlier we needed to have the final draft of the press release and all attachments ready before we could submit the release. The submission screen had a single option (Save) which would send the release to an editor for approval. If you add something later or make a change, it needed a verification again. Now we can save the release in draft mode and this is sent to the editor only after we explicitly indicate the release is ready from our side.

Not only this change saves them unnecessary work, we can dynamically build our release. Thus we can enter the draft release and see how it will look (preview) without bothering about the file attachments and the news image etc.

The submission screens also show the various steps involved in the submission so that we can judge how far we have progressed.

We can also add alt-tags to the images for getting a little push in making sure our images found in the image search engines more easily.

All these changes are definitely going to make your submission process smoother.