PRWEB Introduces Blogging Tool For Press Releases

PRWEB recently introduced a new facility, called BlogThis facilitating users to blog about the press releases issued through it. This will increase the social media exposure of the releases by encouraging people to blog about the releases they are interested in. However the implementation is quite simple and you need to know a few things before you jump in.

To test this, I tried to blog about the release announcing this facility itself. However the first thing I noticed is that you can blog about a release only if you have a PRWEB account. This will severely limit the number of people who will blog about your releases.

I really wanted to take this through its paces, so I logged in my account, went to the release again and clicked on the BlogThis link in the right column. This brought up a dialog box asking me for the type of my blog (Blogger, WordPress and a few other types are supported as of now) and then asked me the log in details for the blog software. So far, so good.

Now the editing box that came up was very elementary with no auto-save and when I tried to move the box away so that I could refer to the original release for quotes, I could not move it out of the screen (the box seems to have been done with DHTML or something similar). At this point, I clicked on something and lost my half-done post 🙁

I commend the PRWEB team on a nice initiative but I am more comfortable with my feature-rich visual editor with auto-save. That’s how I drafted this post. However if you have a blog and a PRweb account, you should definitely try to make a blog post about one of the press releases and check this out.

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