Vocus Adds Direct To Media Distribution

Vocus, owners of the leading direct to consumer press release distribution service (PRWEB) has added direct to media distribution by signing up a deal with The Associated Press, to distribute press releases directly to leading media outlets within the AP network via the AP Datafeatures service.

PRWEb lets you publish online press releases for added exposure to your news through quick inclusion in the Google news, Yahoo news and several other prominent locations. Now you can look forward to getting your press releases to major media outlets in the top 100 markets, through this arrangement.

One reply on “Vocus Adds Direct To Media Distribution”

  1. This is great news. One place PRWeb has always lagged behind PR Newswire is in delivery directly to reporters. PR Newswire releases have been available via AP for some time. Glad to hear PRWeb now will have that capability.

    Steve Mullen

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