PRWEB Revamps The User Interface And Announces Full Service News Releases has recently revamped its user interface (for those who submit news releases through them) and has switched to a much cleaner look in contrast to the bright and bold look, it had earlier.

At the same time, they also added a podcast streaming player to the public page (available to the general Internet audience), so you don’t have to download and then play the podcasts.
PRweb has also introduced a full service option for those who feel intimated by the release submission process. This costs $100 extra over the regular package and should come in handy for business owners who want to take advantage of this potent medium but do not, because they avoid getting their feet wet.

While appreciating the move overall, I do feel that the changes were done hurriedly without undergoing a good user testing cycle.

Take the landing page that appears just after login, for example.

  • There were a large number of options in multiple lines and places that have been fairly well consolidated. However there is no easy way to reach the management console that lists all the releases I have issued. The Consoles drop-down at the top is missing the most important one, the PRweb Console.
  • The bulk of the content area on the page is taken up by announcements and notices section. I vote for being able to see my earlier releases just after I login, so that I can quickly check their stats without any further keypresses and clicks.
  • I feel that a line like “Hello Arun Agrawal” at the top comes in very handy to the people who manage multiple accounts, as a quick reminder of the account that they are logged in.
  • The logo at the top-left takes me to the public PRWeb site – while logged in, I will like this to take me to the home page of the console section. There was a “Home” button earlier that would take me to the ‘console home’; it is gone.

Overall the cleaner look should make the users happy. I am sure more improvements and enhancements are on the way from the ever-active development team.