Press Releases to Announce Company Developments

A smart company likes to stay in news and it is not quite difficult to do that. One of the ways is to issue press releases when there are notable developments in the company.

Windowstyle, the manufacturing arm of Style Group UK recently upgraded its facilities by investing a large sum of money and announced this to the world with this press release –
£500,000 Revamp Secures 130 More Jobs For Windowstyle.

Similarly Safestyle UK, which appointed Leeds United chairman, Ken Bates, for the multi-million pound 2007 marketing campaigns, they announced this through a press release – Ken Bates Signs Up For 2007 Safestyle TV Campaign.

Regular announcements like this keep the company in the news and when the customers need the products they manufacture / market, this company’s name will be the first they will recall.

What is a recent big development in your company that you can announce to the world?