Business Press Releases Fast Start Kit

I just released a fast start kit for those considering to use press releases to promote their businesses. It is a quick read at 2 pages, FREE of cost and does not even require you to subscribe to anything. All I request is – please add a comment to this post whether you like it or dislike it and tell me your frank opinion about the guide.

Get it here –
Business Press Releases Fast Start Kit (PDF format, right click and choose Save-as).

2 replies on “Business Press Releases Fast Start Kit”

  1. All good stuff Arun.

    Comments/opinions on two points. Your ninth point about using keywords seems strange to me. This is a press release. Sure, it will be on a web site too. But when I did a release in October, my goal was to have it picked up by newspapers (it wasn’t), not so that it will sit and hardly be seen by anybody. Or am I missing something here.

    About #10, I don’t know what is. I suppose it’s something that people who do a lot of releases should have (I used a third party to rewrite and publish my release). Maybe you could just expand on that point.

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