Where To Submit Your Press Releases? Here’s A Good One!

While I advocate using PRWEB.com as the best place to issue your press releases, you should also consider PR.com. I have used their $10 offer for a few of my clients as additional avenue and got good results.
I strongly feel that creating a profile at PR.com and then issuing your releases through them can be quite cost effective.

One reply on “Where To Submit Your Press Releases? Here’s A Good One!”

  1. Can you clarify what you mean when you say “good results”? Was there a way to track how much traffic came from that particular press release?

    The vast majority of the free press release distribution services don’t distribute anything. Rather, they simply park the press release at their website, to be found–or not–by the search engines.

    I’m always curious about what kinds of results people get from these free services.

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