PRWEB To Discontinue FREE Press Releases

An era comes to an end – PRWEB is set to discontinue the free press releases which they pioneered since 1997, from October 23rd 2006. They claim that the free press releases create tremendous workload on their editors and the distribution channel and that they would rather focus on getting maximum visibility for their paid clients. (Source: email to PRWEB members through the management console.)

FREE press releases have allowed several people to create additional exposure for their products and services, though it has been highly misued by spammers to place blatant ads too.

They are also making news submission process more streamlined and creating a special page for $80 releases to make it easy for non-geeks to submit the press releases for online distribution a relatively easier task.

Frankly I have been in the favor of having non-zero submission fee so that the agency can provide maximum exposure to the fewer people wanting to use their professional services but I am sure, a large number of people will be hit with this change. I welcome your comment on this change.

2 replies on “PRWEB To Discontinue FREE Press Releases”

  1. This is a shame. PRWeb was a respectable free service. There are others, but none are as good and most at the very least LOOK sleazy. The good news, I suppose, is that they are still cheaper than PR Newswire. However, if I’m going to pay for distribution, I’ll use PR Newswire. In my experience, they’re just better. You get what you pay for.

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