Announce Your Contest Through The Press And Use A Leads Page

A great way to get lots of traffic and build a nice list is to run a contest on your site with an attractive prize. Make it easy to participate and make the prize relevant to the needs of the prospects. See this interesting case study here:

Safestyle UK is running a contest for fans and followers of Leeds United Football Club. They are inviting all the people who own their home to participate in the contest for a  £5,000 Window and Door Make Over. The intending participants don’t have to write any slogans to do any crazy things. Just fill up a form and participate.

They have announced it on their blog, in the press and on the Leeds United  site, thereby ensuring maximum publicity.

You should be able to pick up some great ideas from this to run your next lead generation campaign. And don’t forget to announce this through a press release. 🙂