Interview With Chris Anderson: What The Long Tail Means For Small Business

“The long tail” attracts highly motivated and seriously interested prospects to your site and you might concentrate on this form of marketing, specially if you do not have the means to fight for the ‘most popular’ terms.

The new book by Chris Anderson dwells on the “long tail marketing” and its rewards – considered to be ‘the topic’ for 2006. Ken Evoy, president of Sitesell brings out interesting aspects of this well-known but less used form of dominating several small islands in this interview. You must not miss this and leave dollars on the table!

I have noticed most of the press releases focus on promoting the central theme of a web site and the home page URL – however a press release that focusses on a smaller aspect of the central theme and links to the specific page can really get ranked very quickly and drive a small but motivated bunch of prospects to the site.

The long tail marketing interview is here.