PRWEB Adopts Tagging And Technorati

Recently PRWEB has been moving so fast that I am afraid, I will have to change the title of this blog to Secrets of PRWEB soon 😉 They have adopted the tagging phenomenon completely integrating Technorati tags and including a complete tagging system of their own.

I have telling my close friends and clients that year 2006 belongs to press releases, social bookmarking (tagging) and blogs (and of course rich media and web2.0 based rich internet applications). Now that PRWEB has introduced a marriage of press releases and tagging, my assumption has been validated.

Here is my strategy for getting a nice push in your traffic levels–

1. Issue an online press release at PRWEB and specify relevant Technorati tags.

2. Refer to this release on your blog and trackback to the release.

3. If you have announced a new technology or a major development in your field, submit the story to the major social bookmarking sites like delicious, digg, reddit and furl.

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  1. In the create post option,you will see a field for entering the trackback link of the place which you want to trackback.

    We can do the press release for you at $100 + the contribution to the PRWEB.

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