Press Release Sample: Former Eurovision Winner To Front New Safestyle TV Campaign

Safestyle UK came out with a nice press release on PRWEB recently. This got very good exposure and results because they had included some key elements in the release. You should so well to study this release and implement these elements in your releases also.

1. This release relates to a celebrity, Cheryl Baker endorsing Safestyle products. The release talks abour Cheryl mainly and only slips in the Safestyle brand and its products at a few places. People do not want to read your sales letter, they want to know more about what the celebrity is doing.

2. There are some nice photos of Cheryl thrown in. This adds to the visual appeal and makes the news prominent. Again Safestyle and the products slip in casually.

3. You must always include quotes from your company bosses and outside people like customers. This adds personality to the news and allows you to include a bit of sales pitch also by way of asserting your key advantages.

4. Include contact information so that the interested newspeople may contact you for more details if they want to cover the story in their publications.

5. Include some links to your website (if possible with keyword rich link text) so that the news people can gather more details and the customers can check out your products.