Free Press Release Submission Sites

When you are just starting out or on a low budget, you might consider issuing some free press releases. There are several sites that accept free press releases. Check these out —

1. PRWEB accepts free submission but it really shines when you can donate some money ($10 for starters, $40 for a decent release). Well worth the money!

2. I-newswire offers free submision (they show Adsense ads on the page) as well as paid submission ($25 fee, allow to display your logo, remove ads).

3. Press Release Monkey had a nice system of press release submission that they will approve and make live. Almost all decent press releases were approved. however someone hacked their site and destroyed all the files. They might have come back by the time you read this and also started a paid submission service. Check out!

4. Pressbox UK – accepts submissions from UK mainly but I have successfully submitted some US based releases also. Accepts only good quality releases.

5. Free Press – I don’t like the interface; it’s very busy and clumsy. They have a FREE and a premier option. Very cheap. try this.

6. Press Release Spider – Easy submission.

7. OpenPR is decent. Use it because it is FREE.

8. Express Press release is also simple to use. Go for it.

There are several sites that accept free submissions. I have given details of some that I personally use and find decent. If you have any that you highly recommend, let me know and I will happily include those also.

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  1. Hi,

    This is good that you have given a lot of sites for press releases submission.

    But I have already submitted in these.Can you provide me more free Press releases sites.


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