More PRWEB Changes – Cool User Friendliness


I noticed 2 new features in PRWEB and really want to congratulate their technical team for this.

1. They have introduced a magnifying glass icon near the press release link on the home page as well as for the trackbacks on the release.

If you click on this icon, a window squeezes in and loads the full release in it without any page reload (I assume they are using AJAX technology to implement this). This really makes it very easy to check out the various releases in the home page or any other page, without going back and forth.

This is the first Web 2.0 feature I have located – I am sure many more are there waiting to be discovered. I will be sure to report those when I come across them.

2. They have also introduced a new press release archive section at Newspad. This archives all PRWEB press releases with contribution of $10 and above and lists the releases in reverse date order when you search for a keyword. The results page has an RSS feed associated with it and you can use this feed to display these results in any RSS feed reader. This site also uses the release preview feature which displays the release in a window just under the link in Ajax mode.

Meanwhile my participation in the PRWEB contest is going fine as the PRWEB team has already acknowledged that I have located 7 new features. I believe these 2 features will make that 9.

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