PRWEB Introduces New Features And Rewards Those Who Identify Them

PRWEB, the innovative online press release company has introduced several new features recently but rather than just announce them, has taken the unique approach of asking the users to identify these new features and is offering a $1,000 reward to those who do the best job.

Shall I be left behind, specially when I have been using PRWEB to announce most of my new ventures and client sites?

These are the features I have already identified–

1. You can now have keyword enhanced URLs. Earlier a typical URL for your press release looked like

Now the same URL can be made to look like Did you notice the keywords ‘case’ and ‘studies’ in there? You can enter upto 2 keywords that will become a part of the URL so that you can have better search engine position for this release resulting in higher traffic to the news release.

2. Now they ask you to specify the target industries and the RSS group (also the keywords for the URLs discussed above) as part of the submission wizard after you have made the contribution. Earlier you had to specify these by selecting the appropriate option from the menu.

3. You can have breakaway quotes that appear quite prominently in the news release and really draw the attention of the reader to your important quote. I am yet to figure out how to use this feature 🙂

4. View news lets you see the images attached to the various news releases, in thumbnail format on a single page. You can then hover your mouse on any image to see a larger image, the title and the summary of the news. If you like to see more, click on the image and you will land on the release page. This feature is mainly useful for the viewer.

PRWEB offers a similar service called PRWEBPhotowire where you have to specifically submit high resolution images but you need to do nothing to get on the view news page.

5. Ebook Digests option lets you download the press releases for a particular industry/category for the day, in PDF format for you to view them offline.

6. You can now have a live link in the press release summary also. Earlier the URLs in the press release body were turned into live links if you contributed at least $30. Now it is possible to have a URL in the summary also turning into a live link.

7. The news releases which have been trackbacked now display a red back-arrow sign besides them (in the home page and other news lists). You can click on this to see the trackback entries for this release. I am not sure if this is a new feature released after June 10th but is a useful feature nevertheless.

8. There is mention of Web 2.0 features at several places but I have not been able to identify any such feature yet. Once I notice something, I will update this post.

9. I saw provision to add the RSS feeds of the various categories to Typepad, Google, Yahoo and MSN but I am not sure if these are new features introduced recently. I have not used these feeds.

I will be reporting the other features soon enough 🙂 Until then, have fun issuing your online press releases on PRWEB.

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2 replies on “PRWEB Introduces New Features And Rewards Those Who Identify Them”

  1. Arun,

    I can tell we have a PRWeb user behind this Blog. Thank you for participating.

    Here are the items you identified.

    1. URL Keywords. That is correct. This is one of the new features that allows users to create their own url construct for their press release. Keyword strings can be alpha numeric only with underscores and hyphens allowed. THIS IS ONE.

    2. I will give you this one because you make mention to the submission wizard. We added this wizard to make sure that our users make use of the features they are entitled to. THIS MAKES TWO

    3. Breakaway Quoates (or as Al Castle likes to call them “quoatables”) are very cool. Did you notice that they are hyperlinked to the default site url you provide in your press release? This is available automatically based on quotes wihtin your release at the $120 upgrade level. THIS MAKES THREE

    4. ViewNews is an interesting way to sift through the press releases. PRWebPhotowire has been around since January so you get one here for ViewNews but not for PRWebPhotowire. FOUR

    5. eBook Digest. We are going to announce something really big here in a week or so therefore I cannot get to specific in my comments on your ID here but to tell you that you found another one. FIVE

    6. Live Link in PR Summary. Yes. Available for $200 SEO releases only. I will let the community figure out why this is important and how to use this. SIX

    7. Trackbacks are not new as of June 10th but thank you for the ID. Did you notice that we do NOT include the “no follow” directive so you can actually benefit from the link if you respond to press release content at PRWeb? Trackbacks are in my opinion one of the Killer Apps in the press release space. Our implementation is patent pending.

    8. These features are throughout our platform, including PRWebPhotowire and PRWebPodcast. Trackbacks are part of this implementation. Integration with social bookmarking is also part of this and they we have a bunch of social tagging stuff going on. Again not new but thanks for point this out Still SIX.

    9. Ehnahced RSS page with Typepad widget. SEVEN

    Wow Arun, that makes SEVEN of ?. I will let you know through our Blog if you found them all. Keep looking.

    — See you at the top.

    David McInnis, PRWeb

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