Spanish Press Release Can Get You Good Exposure

Hola (that’s Spanish for Hello)

I recently conducted an interesting experiment. I took one of my English press releases, got it translated in Spanish (Espanol if you prefer) and issued this on by changing the language to Spanish. This press release was issued at $40 donation level, still it got carried on their Spanish press release site, at the 1st position. On the same day, you needed to donate $501 for the 1st position on

How’s that for value for money? Of course, the PRWEB one gets picked up much more but I am positive that we will have a decent exposure for this press release also. Don’t forget that AmbosMedios has a Google PageRank of 7 on the home page and I look forward to getting a good PR for the archive page of this release.

Next I am going to publish a press release on the French site of

If you are feeling adventerous, you may try the same experiment and see the benefits for yourself. Best wishes!

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