Get Indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN – Easily, Quickly

What’s the biggest challenge you face when you launch a new site? Are you wondering how to get indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN? If some high profile sites link to your site, these search engines are sure to notice your URL and spider that. Easier said than done, no? How on earth are you going to convince a high profile to link to you? Read on…

One of several powerful ways to create a nice buzz about your site and get some high profile sites to link to your new site is to issue an online press release. Once your release is online at, several web site owners will pick up this release and carry it on their site too. This will create many one-way incoming links to your site and you will also find your site in the search engine indexes within 1-2 days. Are you aware of all the nuances of issuing an online press release?

You have several alternatives —

1. Visit, read the vast documentation and online guides and draft your release.

2. Buy Press Equalizer one time and use it for life to issue press releases for all your sites, new and old.

3. Invest in Press Release Fire and learn the tricks and tips for issuing effective online press releases so that you get more out of every release.

Not only will your press releases make the search engines aware ofyour site, it will generate several one-way incoming links which will come in very handy when you try to get good rankings.