PRWEB – The Best Press Release Site?

I strongly recommend as the best press release site that I have come across. They even allow free press release distribution.

Press Release Option 1
However you should choose the $30 donation option if you are low on budget and want a moderate distribution of your release. This enables several extra facilities for every release.

Case study
This press release for a wholesale sunglasses dealer was released at $30 donation level and got 24,647 views within 3 days of its release on PRWEB.

Press Release Option 2
If you are comfortable with a little extra investment and want a much better syndication of your release, go for $80 option. This puts your well crafted releases on Google News as well as Yahoo News. You also get advice on improving your release for a wider acceptance.

Case study
This press release for an online furniture company got 56,485 views within 3 days of its release and was featured on both Google and Yahoo news.

Press Release Option 3
You should shoot for the top spot or something close for the highest results for your release. On most of the days, you will need to invest around $300-$400 for the top spot.

Case study
This press release for an auto dealer was published at $210 donation level sometime back and got an astounding 122,341 views in 3 days. How’s that for bang-for-the-buck?

Further action steps
If you are very serious about getting the widest coverage for your product announcement, get this guide for press release syndication with PRWEB and cut short the release cycle by a big margin, so that you can spend more time on the business that you will get as a result.