Who Uses Online Press Releases?

I am asked these questions quite frequently:

  • Who uses online press releases?
  • Shall I post an online news release?
  • Does it justify the cost?

An online press release is an announcement of some event happening, some award you got or practically new new development. This wholesale sunglasses dealer and 321ski use press releases to announce their new online stores. Safestyle UK announced the winner of their lucky draw here. You may have been awarded some certification or received an approval and a news release can tell this to the world. May be you have launched a new product? May be you are attending an exhibition? There are no limits on the topics you can issue press releases for.

While the news releases used to be targeted to the press earlier, the trend nowadays is to address the general public directly. When the search engines like Google News pick up your release, you can get a wide exposure. Who knows you may catch the fancy of some reporters and get covered in their publications. In any case, several blog and site owners reproduce releases concerning their subject and working field, thereby resulting in a one-way incoming link to your site.

While sites like PRWEB charge you a decent sum (worth the investment though), you can also issue a press release for cheap or zero price at several sites. However the response rate for the FREE press release sites is much lower and you may be happy concentrating fully on 1-2 paid sites only.

Secrets of Press Releases Now on Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are becoming hugely popular and a large number of people are now browsing the web from their smartphones. To reach our articles and tips to them, we have mobilized this blog. With the help of Webile blog update service, we have added a plugin to this blog so that you can now access it from your phone. Yes, you can now read the secrets of press releases from wherever you are.

If you have a blog, you can use their service to convert your blog as well. The best part is, your URL does not change. The software automatically identifies the access device and delivers the appropriate model.

PRWEB simplifies press release submission process

PRWEB recently launched several changes to the press release submission process to make it easier for the novice as well as the power users to submit their release for distribution.

Earlier we needed to have the final draft of the press release and all attachments ready before we could submit the release. The submission screen had a single option (Save) which would send the release to an editor for approval. If you add something later or make a change, it needed a verification again. Now we can save the release in draft mode and this is sent to the editor only after we explicitly indicate the release is ready from our side.

Not only this change saves them unnecessary work, we can dynamically build our release. Thus we can enter the draft release and see how it will look (preview) without bothering about the file attachments and the news image etc.

The submission screens also show the various steps involved in the submission so that we can judge how far we have progressed.

We can also add alt-tags to the images for getting a little push in making sure our images found in the image search engines more easily.

All these changes are definitely going to make your submission process smoother.

One Way Incoming Link For Your Press Releases

Would you like to get a nice one-way incoming link to your press release without much of an effort or obligation? Here is a simple way to do that…

Visit this site on press releases and near the bottom of the page, you will find a section where you can submit your press release. Once you do that (takes about 15 seconds), you will have a one-way link from a fairly popular page, sending you some traffic as well help for quicker spidering of your release.

How’s that for a free lunch?

Online Press Releases Contest – 10 Cool Prizes To Be Won

Do you use online press releases for your marketing promotion or to send out a word about your latest product announcements? We have some great news for you…

We are going to announce a cool contest for online press releases that will be very simple to participate in. Just tell us about a recent press release of yours and why you think it should be selected as a winner.

We are planning to offer 10 prizes worth $200 each. So stay tuned and watch this space. You can subscribe to the update notification list (right column form) and be the first to learn about the details of the contest when these are released.

Happy promotion!

PRWEB Introduces Blogging Tool For Press Releases

PRWEB recently introduced a new facility, called BlogThis facilitating users to blog about the press releases issued through it. This will increase the social media exposure of the releases by encouraging people to blog about the releases they are interested in. However the implementation is quite simple and you need to know a few things before you jump in.

To test this, I tried to blog about the release announcing this facility itself. However the first thing I noticed is that you can blog about a release only if you have a PRWEB account. This will severely limit the number of people who will blog about your releases.

I really wanted to take this through its paces, so I logged in my account, went to the release again and clicked on the BlogThis link in the right column. This brought up a dialog box asking me for the type of my blog (Blogger, WordPress and a few other types are supported as of now) and then asked me the log in details for the blog software. So far, so good.

Now the editing box that came up was very elementary with no auto-save and when I tried to move the box away so that I could refer to the original release for quotes, I could not move it out of the screen (the box seems to have been done with DHTML or something similar). At this point, I clicked on something and lost my half-done post 🙁

I commend the PRWEB team on a nice initiative but I am more comfortable with my feature-rich visual editor with auto-save. That’s how I drafted this post. However if you have a blog and a PRweb account, you should definitely try to make a blog post about one of the press releases and check this out.

Vocus Adds Direct To Media Distribution

Vocus, owners of the leading direct to consumer press release distribution service (PRWEB) has added direct to media distribution by signing up a deal with The Associated Press, to distribute press releases directly to leading media outlets within the AP network via the AP Datafeatures service.

PRWEb lets you publish online press releases for added exposure to your news through quick inclusion in the Google news, Yahoo news and several other prominent locations. Now you can look forward to getting your press releases to major media outlets in the top 100 markets, through this arrangement.