21 June, 2006

Press Release Sample – Offshore Outsourcing

I helped a friend, Abhishek in issuing his online press release about dedicated hiring model of offshore outsourcing and suggest you to read this to get inspiration for your next release. A few things that you should notice are —

1. The release covers the issue from the customer’s view point and not from the service company’s view-point. There is little sales talk and self-promotion except in the credits.

2. The release talks about an emerging trend in the outsourcing industry and is therefore interesting to a lot of people.

3. It uses relevant anchor text to get nice inbound links to the target page (not available to all press releases – only releases with $200 or more donation to PRWEB qualify).

4. It sends the reader to a specific landing page that talks about the main issue being discussed (dedicated hiring model) and not to the home page of the company.

5. it liberally uses quotes. PRWEB is now offering automatically activated lift-quotes for increased impact, for releases having $120 donation amount.

6. Includes a nice, on-topic image for better impact.

I am sure your press releases will get good acceptance if you keep these few things in mind when writing your next press release for online distribution.

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