12 January, 2006

PRWEB Secrets

PRWEB.com is possibly the most popular online press release site. Everyday hundreds of people post their releases on this site hoping to get huge bursts of traffic and one-way incoming links from PRWEB itself and thousands of journalists and sites that pick up these releases and reproduce them on their sites.

PRWEB is popularising a new brand called Online Visibility Engine (OVE) and has launched a site, PRWEBsecrets.com providing very intensive and rich information on getting the best out of your press releases. There are around 20 PDF documents each covering a specific aspect of managing your press release, making it more effective and getting the maximum output from it.

I am positive that this will generate much larger interest in PRweb and will cause the maximum donation on any single day to shoot much beyond the present high of around $900. You might know that while PRweb offers free press release distribution also, you have to contribute a self-decided sum of money in a bidding situation for getting a decent position. They order the releases by the contribution amount and activate many power services only if you have contributed above a certain amount.

Check out PRWEBsecrets here.

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